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Community Voice

Pendle Vale Community Voice

The Pendle Vale Community Voice is an organisation of parents, staff and other individuals who’s shared interest is developing closer ties between the College and the community it serves.

How is Pendle Vale Community Voice organised?

The Pendle Vale Community Voice will have a steering committee that has the responsibility of establishing the overall strategy of the activities of Pendle Vale Community Voice and its links with other groups and sections of Pendle Vale.

The steering committee will have a chairperson vice chairperson, secretary and treasurer. Each of whom has a specific job role and key responsibilities. The steering committee will have between seven and ten members and the roles of chairperson and secretary will be always be filled by parents of students at Pendle Vale.

Our annual general meeting will be held in September, at the start of the College year. At this meeting the membership of the Community Voice steering committee is confirmed including the election of a chair, vice-chair, treasurer and a secretary.

The steering committee will meet once every half term and may set up smaller working groups to organise individual events.

The dates for the steering committee meetings will be calendared at the annual general meeting. Minutes and a record of notes from meetings will be maintained and shared with parents, staff and other stakeholders following meetings.

Aims of the Community Voice

        1. To enhance the education & wellbeing of the pupils of Pendle Vale by providing or supporting provision of facilities & resources through fundraising
        2. To promote positive close co-operation & communication between parents & school staff on a range of matters that affect Pendle Vale students through facilitating newsletters, events and meetings.
        3. To provide social activities & events to support and enhance school provision both for students, parents and the wider Pendle Vale community.
        4. To contribute to academic activities and events to support and enhance school provision for students and parents

It is not the purpose of Community Voice to raise or discuss specific individual pupil or parent concerns. Such matters should be raised through the appropriate channels following college guidelines.

College management/operational procedures; curriculum or timetabling; staff selection and appointment; college hours or holidays and management of budget all fall outside the remit of Community Voice.

Community Voice Roles & Responsibilities