"Education is learning what you didn't even know you didn't know." Daniel J. Boorstin


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English as an Additional Language

At Pendle Vale College we respect and value student’s backgrounds, cultures and home languages. 
We see bilingualism as an asset and strength and we recognise the positive contribution that this can make to the whole college community. 
We expect equality and inclusivity within our diverse college community. We actively promote social, moral, cultural and spiritual morals throughout the college to maintain our respect ethos.

 We currently have 110 students on role who have EAL and were born outside the UK.

All translated documents or guidance can be found using the links below.

Moving to Pendle Vale College

Here at Pendle Vale College we have procedures in place to support your transition.

Transition Book

Schemes of Learning

What you need to know about lessons.

English SoW in Italian

English SoW in Polish

English SoW in Lithuanian

English SoW in Urdu


Science SoW in Italian

Science SoW in Polish

Science SoW in Lithuanian

Science SoW in Urdu