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E Safety

E-Safety Information

As part of our whole college approach to e-safety, this page brings together information for parents and carers to help them better understand the risks associated with using new technologies, including the internet and mobile phones, and what you can do to minimise these risks.

What do we do in college?

All students are taught how to keep themselves safe on the internet in their Guidance lessons. This includes thinking about the information they put on line, how to keep their social networking profiles private and where to go if they have concerns.

All students and their parents / carers sign an acceptable use policy for using computers within college. Access to the internet is filtered which means that unsafe and unsuitable material is blocked. We also have e-safe monitoring software installed on the computers. This is specifically designed to identify inappropriate use of computers and to encourage their responsible use.

Potential risks associated with using the internet

Helping to keep your children safe on line

Please click for a link to a Parents Guide to Technology

The presentation below is from Childnet’s Know It All website (www.childnet.com/kia). It addresses issues such as commercial risks, social networking and cyberbullying. We’ve converted it from the original PowerPoint so that it is accessible to parents and carers who don’t have PowerPoint. The PowerPoint version can be accessed directly from the site: http://www.childnet.com/downloads/KIAParentsPresentation.ppt


CEOP – Child Exploitation and Online Protection

CEOP are a multi-agency organisation who work in partnership to protect children and young people from sexual exploitation. Check out their website at http://www.ceop.gov.uk

Other useful websites