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ICT Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Using ICT Facilities

As a student at Pendle Vale you have access to a great deal of high quality ICT equipment. You have a right to use this as part of your College life. You also have a responsibility to use it correctly and sensibly. To be entitled to your right, you must agree to your responsibilities.

Irresponsible use of computers may result in your network or internet access being withdrawn. Anyone causing damage to or tampering with ICT equipment will be held liable to pay for its repair or replacement.

Treat all equipment with respect and keep it clean and tidy, taking special care when using laptops and iPads as these are easily damaged.

Always use the PC, iMac, laptop or iPad you have been allocated by your teacher. You will be responsible for this during the lesson and will be accountable for any damage to it.

Tell a teacher straight away if you notice anything wrong with the equipment.

Always log in properly using your own user name. You must never log into someone else’s account or access their files.

Take care to keep your passwords secure and never give them to anyone else. Change all default passwords at the first opportunity and choose new passwords you can easily remember.

You should always lock your account before leaving a machine unattended, if you are unsure how to do so you should seek guidance from a member of staff.

Students must never attempt to access or use staff devices/accounts.

Save files in your own area with sensible and appropriate filenames. Files with unsuitable names (e.g. containing bad language) or with inappropriate content will be deleted with no forewarning.

Promptly delete files you no longer need and organise files you are keeping in folders with suitable names.
Tell a teacher straight away if you think someone has been tampering with your files or knows any of your passwords.

You must not use the College system for personal use without specific permission from the Headteacher. This includes accessing or attempting to access personal email/social networking accounts and storing personal files – e.g. images, music, videos, etc.

You must always have permission from a member of staff to use the network or internet and must always use it responsibly. All network and internet use must be appropriate to education.

Always respect copyright and intellectual property rights when using information from the internet. If you are unsure whether you have a legal right to use particular content please seek guidance from a teacher.

Always use your email account responsibly and only use it for schoolwork.

You must always have permission from a member of staff to use blogs, discussion groups and similar forums.

All messages must be written carefully and politely. Remember that they may be seen by unintended readers.
Anonymous messages and chain letters are not permitted.

You must take care that you do not give out personal information through email, blogs or any other electronic means.

Always tell a member of staff immediately if you find anything which makes you feel uncomfortable or which you feel is unsuitable.

You have the same responsibilities when using Moodle, email and other College based ICT facilities outside College as you do in College.

ICT use may involve photographic, video or audio recordings being created, please make a teacher aware if you object to being included in such media or are aware of external circumstances that restrict you being included. Students should not record or photograph anyone without their permission and/or knowledge.

Portable ICT equipment in your care should not be left unattended anywhere in school, if you discover unattended portable ICT equipment (pen drive, iPad, laptop, etc.) it should be passed immediately to a member of staff.

The College monitors the use of its computer systems, including access to websites and may intercept email and other electronic communication. The College may delete files without warning where it believes unauthorised or inappropriate use of the school’s computer system may be taking place.

In the event material or access raises concerns over the safety of students/staff or potentially illegal activity is identified the College may share this information with appropriate third parties (e.g. police, social services, etc.).