Pendle Vale produce a Mosaic for Pendleside Hospice

Students from the Mosaic Club and Art & Soul Club at Pendle Vale College have taken part in the production of a Mosaic for Pendleside Hospice.

Students have jointly been working on the project alongside patients, volunteers, community and staff from Pendleside Hospice, with the students working on the centre piece and the volunteers on the side pieces during Mosaic Monday at the Hospice.

Once complete all pieces of work will be displayed together at the Hospice.

Mrs Bainbridge from Pendle Vale said “the centre piece the students have created has taken much commitment and skill and we are very proud of each and every one of them who have contributed. The piece comprises of the Hospice logo, which has been created in clay and embellished with words that patients, volunteers and staff associate with the Hospice. Mosaic tiles have been placed between each petal and blended from one colour to the next.  The centre piece is now almost complete and as some students from Year 11 at Pendle Vale College have attended Mosaic Club since Year 7 and were due to leave, we were keen to show some associates from Pendleside Hospice the creation so far and give them opportunity to speak with students who have contributed.”

Guests from Pendleside Hospice Julia O’Neil (Day Services & Family Support Manager) and Gemma Hildred (Therapeutic Activities Co-ordinator), met with Mr. Wilson, Mrs Bainbridge and the students and agreed the Mosaic had exceeded all expectations.


Well done everyone!

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