Food in College

Currently, Lancashire County Catering Services are the provider for breakfast, break and lunch provision at Pendle Vale. The food provided is sourced locally and includes Halal provision. A free breakfast for all students is served from 8.00am each morning and students can choose items such as toast, crumpets, hot chocolate and juice. Morning break is served in the main dining area and snack items can be purchased from here. At lunchtime, all meals served meet the nutritional standards as prescribed by the Government giving a wide range of options available for all students.  The menus are changed weekly and run over a three week period.  For further information regarding the meals provided, please contact the College.



At Pendle Vale College we pride ourselves in providing a high quality service with a wide range of options available to all students.  In the main dining area, we offer a meal deal option only to Year 7 – Year 10.  The meal deal costs £2.20 and for this you can purchase a main hot meal/cold sandwich plus a dessert.  The College provide a free drink, fruit and salad in addition to this.  At the Café at the front of College, Year 11 have access to the same range of products, however, they are allowed to purchase individual items instead of a meal deal if they wish.  They also have the option to ‘Go Large’ for an additional 30p.



The Free School Meal allowance is £2.20 to enable those students entitled to a free meal to continue to have a healthy meal at lunchtime.

If your student has any specific dietary requirements or any allergies, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Head of Year who will be able to liaise with the Kitchen Manager to ensure that special provision can be made.


Packed Lunches

If your child wishes to bring a packed lunch the College provides a space for them to eat it.   The following links will help with ideas, information and advice for packed lunches that your child can bring to College: –


Cashless System

Pendle Vale College operates a cashless catering system called Live Register.  Your child’s finger print is taken usually on their first day at the College, and parents top up their child’s account online through Scopay. They will then use the biometric technology at each serving point to pay for their food.  .  For more information, please click on the information below:

Please contact the College for your unique link code to set up your online payment account.


Free School Meals



School Meals Application Form