Student Expectations

Student Expectations

At Pendle Vale College, we have high expectations of all our students. To succeed as a student at our College you will need to conform to these expectations. They are there to make sure everyone enjoys College; feels safe and secure; achieves their potential; makes a positive contribution to College and to the community; leaves Pendle Vale ready for the world of work and adult life.

We expect all students:




To be ambassadors for our College

This means wearing uniform correctly, having respect for the College’s reputation at all times, having respect for the local community and being proud to be members of our College community.

To be respectful to staff

This means speaking quietly and politely, thinking before you speak, speaking when it is appropriate to do so and using polite and respectful language.  It means doing as you are asked or told without argument, entering and leaving classrooms quietly and sensibly, accepting that members of staff have authority over students because they have responsibility for your welfare, treating staff as professionals and co-operating with them and showing that you want to learn

To be respectful to other students

This means speaking politely to other students, thinking before you speak, keeping quiet if you have nothing pleasant to say, keeping ‘street language’ out of College and working co-operatively with other students when asked to in lessons.  It means showing consideration on the corridors, moving around College in a sensible, thoughtful and responsible way, carrying bags carefully, queuing properly, avoiding physical contact with other students, respecting other students’ space, sitting where you are asked to in class and telling a member of staff if there is a problem with another student

To respect the College environment

This means putting rubbish in bins, looking after and having pride all classrooms, keeping the College tidy, clean and free from graffiti, sticking to the standards regarding rooms and equipment, reporting any damage to a member of staff, making sure you are in the right place at the right time, including at lunchtimes, eating and drinking only in the designated areas and not chewing gum or drinking energy drinks anywhere in College

To have respect for your own learning

This means wanting to succeed and valuing success, being on time to College and to lessons, having excellent attendance, having the correct equipment, doing the work to the best of your ability, recording homework in your Planner and doing homework and handing it in on time

To have respect for other students’ learning

This means working hard in class without disturbing others and celebrating other students’ successes as well as your own

Attendance Contact

If your child is going to be absent from school today or for the forseeable future then please contact us on 01282 682252 or email us at

Attendance Contact

If your child is going to be absent from school today or for the forseeable future then please contact us on 01282 682252 or email us at