Transition 2020

Transition to Pendle Vale College

We make every effort to ensure our new starters have a smooth transition into secondary school.

Normally prior to their first official day as students we arrange a number of information, taster, and transition events for Year 6 students and their parents or carers, such as a parents’ information evening, Transition Days, and Summer School.

With the situation as it is at the moment these sessions are unlikely to run as scheduled but your child’s transition is important. All the key information you and your child will need to assist you is contained on this page.


We hope all our new starters will have an enjoyable and rewarding five years at Pendle Vale College.

Should you require any further information, please feel free to contact, Mrs Wilson, Transition Co-ordinator at

Transition Resources for Year 6 pupils and their parents

Supporting Primary to High School transition – free course (requires free sign up)

Pleased to meet you


Year 7 Team

A welcome from our Prefects

See the Messages Here

Parent Information Booklet

See the Booklet Here

Buy School Uniform

Buying uniform

We work with a number of uniform suppliers.  Details of how you can currently access uniform from each of the supplier is outlined below:

The uniform your child will need is outlined in our Transition Booklet.  TIES will be provided by College when your child starts – please do not obtain from the Uniform Suppliers.  All Uniform with the College Logo is Trutex Brand.

WHITTAKERS SCHOOLWEAR – can be purchased on line or at Pendle Village Mill.

Pendle Village Mill

12 Bank Street


To purchase uniform from Whittakers Schoolwear:

Place your order online –

Ordering your uniform online means that you don’t have to leave your home. On their website you will need to click on the SHOP tab, then click on BURNLEY & PENDLE, and locate PENDLE VALE COLLEGE uniform.

Please try to order as soon as possible, to avoid not having your uniform in time for the start of term in September.


SHAFIS , Nelson

Current opening hours:

10:00am to 5:30pm



14-16,Colne Road Brierfield




To purchase uniform from Hera:


Hera currently remain closed but are hoping to open from 1st July for afternoons only from 1.30 -5.30pm and in August from 10am -5.30pm Monday to Saturday.


Both shops are open

300 Burnley Road Colne BB8 8JN & 35 Scotland Road Nelson BB9 7UT

01282 616442

Website  – delivery service on the web

Tour of College

Questions about Transition

Transition Questions

Coming to secondary school is a big milestone in your life, it’s exciting, with lots of new challenges. However, you may have a few worries before you start. Don’t worry, this is completely normal! I have put a few of the most common worries here, and what to do if they come up.


Where is my classroom?
You will be given a tour of your new school when you start and there are lots of people who will show you where to go. Look out for staff, and the Prefects. They have all been in your situation and will help you. You can familiarise yourself with Pendle Vale College using our online Virtual Tour.


What if I’m late for my lesson?
We understand your new high school is much bigger than your primary school. This means you have more rooms and places to remember. The teacher won’t mind if you explain.


Who did I tell if I feel sick?
If you feel unwell, tell your teacher. They will give you a note to see Mrs Walton or Mr Iqbal. They will then call home, if needed, and arrange for your parent or carer to collect you from school. Mobile phones are not to be used on the school premises, so please don’t call home from your phone! Just go and see Mrs Walton or Mr Iqbal.


What if I don’t know anyone?
We have a number of students who are the only ones who came from their primary school. There are lots of ways to make new friends, and we encourage this. We will have lots of activities in the first week or so, which are designed for everyone to get to know each other.


Will I get bullied?
We have a zero-tolerance approach to bullying. It is something we take very seriously. If you have any concerns speak to a member of staff or your Prefect and they will report any concerns you have and let Mrs Walton or Mr Iqbal know, or you can speak to Mrs Walton or Mr Iqbal in confidence. It will be sorted out, and we will let parents know.


What if I need the toilet?
When possible go to the toilet out of lesson time. That is before school, between lessons, at break and lunch. If you need to use the toilet during lesson times, ask permission from your teacher and they will sign your planner.

Letters Home

Download the School letters here:

Letter 1


Letter from Mr Handley re September

How can I support my Child?

Resources to support your child


The transition to secondary school is a big moment for any child but during these unprecedented times, pupils may feel anxious or unsure about what is to come on their journey to Pendle Vale College. The following resources have been created to prepare Year 6 pupils for the transition to secondary school.  
The resources (below) are part of theBe Awesome, Go Big‘ package, a project from PiXL Club and Hachette Children’s Group, to help Year 6 students transition into Year 7. It can be used by students and parents at home or in school with teachers in class and is designed to be motivational, helpful and reassuring to help young people feel valued, loved, encouraged and equipped for the journey ahead.
These resources are only to help and guide your child. They do not have to complete all of the tasks, but if they wish, they can work through each interactive lesson, recording their answers in the accompanying workbook. A copy of the workbook has been posted home to each of our new Year 7 students. Please enjoy working your way through these resources